Bachmann 81489 G Scale Train Locomotive 260 DCC Locomotive Grizzly Flats (Emma Nevada) Large 1:20.3

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2-6-0 DCC Locomotive - GRIZZLY FLATS (Emma Nevada) - Large Scale 1:20.3. Features include: • advanced nonproprietary plug-and-play electronic printed circuit board to accommodate the control system of your choice, including conventional DC power, NMRA/NEM DCC, and/or RC operation • powerful precision-balanced can motor connected to an all-metal gearbox and gears with appropriate gear reduction for a six-wheel drive system with superior performance at realistic speeds • fully operating Stephenson valve gear with operating piston valves, crosshead pumps with piping, Johnson bar, and linkage • fully equalized locomotive suspension system to provide super-smooth operation on uneven track • electrical pickup from all drive wheels and both tender trucks • two optical sensors, one in each cylinder, give you the option of adjusting the timing and count of steam chuffs • factory-installed speaker with wire pigtail to allow easy installation of optional aftermarket sound • two switches behind the smoke box door allow you to choose whether the headlight/firebox flicker and smoke generator are turned off or controlled by the device in the advanced nonproprietary plug-and-play socket • easy access to switches in the tender for motor power on/off and choice of track pickup or battery power operation according to NMRA or Large Scale railroading practices • realistic coal or wood load in the tender per prototype • strap or wood pilot per prototype • option for either body-mounted or truck-mounted coupler height • metal frame, drivers, hangers, driver leaf springs, siderods, piston rods, valve guides, guide rods, handrails, and piping • brass-plated metal whistle • machined brass pop valves and bell with metal clapper • separate sanding lines • cab details • LED headlight • load-synchronized LED in firebox for realistic fire glow • complete backhead detail including steam gauge with piping, throttle, sight glass fittings, and operating firebox door • engineer and fireman figures Performs best on 5' diameter curves or greater.
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Additional Information

G Scale
Road Name:
Train Type:
Steam Locomotive
Locomotive Control:
DCC Equipped
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