Circuitron 5303 Snapper Twin Coil Switch Machine Power Supply

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The CIRCUITRON SNAPPER™ is an advanced design, solid state controlled switch machine power supply. Operating from the accessory terminals of a power pack or f r o m a n y sm a ll A C transformer of 25 volts or less, the SNAPPER™ provides positive, snap-action power to all twin-coil type switch machines while providing total protection from burnout due to stuck pushbuttons, short circuits, small children, etc.

The SNAPPER™ is a capacitor discharge circuit with a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) controlled recharge. This design allows high power storage within the capacitor without sacrificing recharge time. The SNAPPER™ helps to eliminate arcing at the control contacts, and will prevent lurching of a moving train when a switch machine is activated (if it is being powered by the same power pack). With a 24 volt AC input, the SNAPPER™ should be able to activate between 4 and 10 switch machine coils (depending upon brand) if they are all connected to the same control. Note: Switch machines from different manufacturers will all have different coil current requirements, sometimes dramatically so. It may not be possible to intermix different brands and still get them all to throw reliably from one panel control. For complex yard operations, the SNAPPER™ can be used to align an entire route if a diode matrix is incorporated into the control panel (see the ACCESSORIES Section for 3 amp diodes suitable for matrix control). Recycle time of the SNAPPER™ is virtually instantaneous. The SNAPPER™ is constructed on a 2” x 3” printed circuit board and includes a section of Printed Circuit Mounting Track (PCMT) for simple, snap-in mounting.

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