Train Control Systems 1014 MC2-5 MC2 5PK

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  • Train Control Systems 1014 MC2-5 MC2 5PK
  • Train Control Systems 1014 MC2-5 MC2 5PK
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Pack of five MC2 decoders. Standard hard-wire harnesses are included. \n \nThe MC2 is a HO and N scale decoder with a 7 pin JST socket. The MC2 is designed for use in locomotives where a T1 or M1 are too large. Close in size to the FL2, this decoder also provides motor control. \n \nBack EMF Load Compensation: \nProvides superior slow speed control and high performance under load. \n \nQuiet Drive: \nSuper-quiet motor control for "buzz" free motor performance. \n \nDC Mode: \nDecoder will automatically detect DC power. You can also configure how your lighting effects function on DC. \n \nVariable Momentum: \nAllows you to make custom acceleration and deceleration curves. \n \nIncandescent Bulb Support: \nThis decoder can be used with 12 Volt bulbs. \n \nFunction Remapping: \nButtons 0 through 12 may be used to control the lighting functions of this decoder. \n \nProgrammable Lighting Effects: \nChoose from 20 separate user-programmable lighting effects! \n \nDimmable Brightness: \nConfigure multiple different brightness levels for your LED's or incandescent bulbs. \n \nDecoder Lock: \nFeature which prevents accidental/unwanted programming while activated. \n \nAirwire™ Compatible: \nFully compatible with Airwire™ operation. \n \nUser-Loadable Speed Tables: \nConfigure custom speed curves and set speed limits.
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